Top Gifts For 30 Year Old Man

Looking for top gifts to give a 30 year old man?

Most 30 year old man are now matured, have stable jobs and less wild (most of them). Here are some of the general characteristics of a 30 year old man

  • Have stable jobs and income
  • Have a girlfriend or fiancee
  • Planning to buy a house
  • Getting married soon
  • Fashion conscious, they can afford branded stuff now
  • Climbing the corporate ladder
  • Working hard at their jobs
  • Travels frequently either for holiday or work
  • Love sports
  • Appreciates weekends with family or friends or doing things they really love!

Based on these characteristics, we have selected the top gifts that you should buy for 30 year old men as gifts

Where Would You Go Wrong

The rule of the thumb is buying something that he would like. Don’t go buying something you like. So, the gifts that are shown below should always compliment with his characteristic, personality and hobbies that he likes.

Set A Budget

When you are buying a gift for someone, remember to always set a budget, it is easy to sway off your budget and end up spending more than you are comfortable with. If you are just buying it for a friend, keep it low or share it out with other friends to increase the budget.

But, if it is for a loved one like your boyfriend, husband, fiancee or brother, spending just a little more would not hurt.

Okay, here we go!

Steampunk Watch Mechanism Cufflinks

These are cool cufflinks that are made by hand. It is truly unique and perfect for the working professionals. This will make him stand out and noticeable. It comes with a black gift box and it’s perfect to be given as gift.

Amazon’s Price: $49.90

Cabernet 8-Piece Wine Accessory Set

Perfect for the wine-loving friends. It features 8 essential wine tools. It comes with an attractive and handsome looking box. The set includes a lever-style cork-pull, 2 bottle stoppers, a drip ring and more.

Amazon’s Price: $44.95


Philips 9-Inch 1080p Portable Blu-Ray DVD Player

If he travels frequently, he would love something that would entertain him during travelling either on the plane, car or train. With this Blue- player, he can now watch his favorite movies on the go, anytime!

Amazon’s Price: $79.99

Xbox 360 4GB Console

Which guy wouldn’t love an Xbox? If he doesn’t have one, you might want to consider getting him this. Most guys loves playing console games and on top of that, he can connect to the internet with this and play online with other people around the world! It can be free fun for the family too where everyone can play together for fun and laughter!

Amazon’s Price: $179.99

Leatherman Wave Black Oxide Finish Multi-Tool

Leatherman Wave is what every guy needs whether he is an outdoor enthusiast or a professional. It has every tool for everyday needs. Leatherman Wave is the best selling Leatherman tool. It may be the tool he is waiting for.

Amazon’s Price: $65.59

Emporio Armani Men’s Eagle Trunk

When was the last time he bought a brief? Men do not usually buy briefs unless he is forced to. Now you can get him an amazing looking brief and he will thank you for being thoughtful!

Amazon’s Price: $30.00

Hugo Boss Hugo Men Perfume

Every working professional needs to wear perfume. It attracts people. Just as men would turn their head when a women wears a nice perfume, women would turn their heads too when a guy has an attractive scent. A guy who wears perfume has more confidence.

Amazon’s Price: $37.22

Tag Heuer Squadra 5502 Sport Sunglasses

A sunglasses is suitable for those who goes out and at the same time want to look good. A fashionable sunglasses will enhance your appearance making the person look more attractive. It features lightweight wearability and high tech design. A must have for every fashion lover.

 Amazon’s Price: $266.15

Tissot T-Trend Couturier Black Dial Chronograph Mens Watch

One of a man’s accessory is said to be his watch. Men is judged by the watch that he wears. If he is required to look important in front of superiors or clients, he needs a good watch. A Swiss made watch is superior to the regular watches. 

Amazon’s Price: $370.00


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